How much is “Much More?”

How Much More is "MUCH MORE?"

How Much More is “MUCH MORE?”

When I read Jesus’ statement, “If God so clothes the grass of the field…, will He not much more cloth you…” (Matthew 6:30), I thought, ‘how much is “much more?”‘  Is it a bigger, nicer house, the house I’m in or a smaller house; designer clothes or cars; better schools, status…?  Or is it ‘simply living?’  (Which of course implies being content in every situation–another tough pill for us humans to swallow.)

Let me flush out that ‘simply living’ idea, from a birds perspective.  Let’s take a FEW examples from the hummingbird–Google them, they are amazing.  Hummingbirds are known to be the smallest, yet one of the most beautiful birds of the air–‘flying jewels.’  Their little heart beats 1,200 times per second, they have the biggest eyes for the size of their body, they live in the most beautiful areas drinking from the most beautiful flowers.  They travel by instinct (no maps or agendas)–individually–thousands of miles every year but live an average of 5-12 years (and no, they don’t hitch any rides).  They also live in the tiniest homes, in fact they’re so small the hummer often hangs over the edge.  About 20% of their time is spent feeding, the other 80% of their time is spent sitting, digesting, conserving energy and looking at the beauty around them.  They are even capable of relaxing to the point of torpor when they sleep.  They ‘simply live’ where they are, ‘simply trust’ where they’re going, ‘simply rest’ from worries.

Consider the lilies and the birds today…..’simply live.’

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