Seeing Visions?……Wait!

Wait_1_18_15 #100

Doodle Response for January 18, 2015, from My Utmost for His Highest. My 100th doodle since I started this. (The others will be posted when I figure out how to do it.)

It struck me today that even Jesus learned to wait.  The difference between Jesus’ waiting and ours is, His willingness to do so.  He knew the bottom of His Father’s hand…all He had to do was look up and be reassured that He was right there with Him, even if it was dark.  He was a 12 year-old when He announced that He must be about His Father’s business, but He was 30 before He even got baptized.  Then what was the first thing He did?  He took off into the wilderness with no provisions for 40 days and nights.  In my mind I’m thinking, “If you know you’re supposed to be doing your Father’s business, then show something for it.  Don’t just go hang out in the desert–especially without food!  That’s just plain presumptuous!”

How often in our own lives have we seen a vision?  It can even be “unspiritual.” A new car, a better job or a better marriage. (I put unspiritual in quotation marks because somehow we think there are areas in our lives that God takes varying degrees of interest–I would say that EVERYTHING is spiritual when Christ lives in you–even a new car.)  Back to my point.  We’ve all done it, get busy looking for a new car, only to jump the gun and get stuck with a lemon…then you have to sell it, get another, etc….until finally you just give up, learn to be satisfied with what you’ve got and wait.  That’s when the better car shows up.  Or worse yet, we act on that “Better Marriage” vision and decide that the only way for a better marriage is to get a better marriage partner.  I submit to you, your marriage IS the vision. (Remember, God never leads you to go against His word and His word is, submit to and respect your marriage partner as Christ submitted for you.  He went to the desert and the cross for you when He could have just stayed in Heaven.)  God has something wonderful in store for you and your spouse…it just may take submitting yourself to God and loving your spouse unconditionally.  Miracles can happen in marriages when we love beyond ourselves.

There are many scenarios I could play but it’s not my place to do the speaking to your heart here, it’s God’s.  So stop and think!  Have you had a vision?  Are you in a dark spot regarding that vision?  Are you being like Abram, figuring out ways to get to your vision?  Or are you trusting that you are in the shadow of the Almighty Hand Of God, being disciplined and prepared to receive the vision He’s given you? “Wait on the Lord, be of God courage and He will strengthen your heart.”

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